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Frequently Asked Questions

We will pay close attention to the management of food and facilities so that our customers can spend their time safely and securely.We also appreciate hearing from our customers and strive to improve our customer service on a daily basis.


  • Humidified air purifier

    【Sharp Plasmacluster Humidified Air Purifier】
    Installed in all guest rooms.
  • 【Wi-Fi / FREE information】

    【Wi-Fi / FREE information】
    It can be used in all rooms.
  • About Lounge Ran and Dinner Restaurant Hydrangea

    ◆Prevention of spread of new coronavirus infection◆

    Content:About shortened business hours 
    Period:From Friday, October 1, 2021 to undecideContinue reading
  • Late check-out 12:00 if you wish

    【Late check-out 12:00 if you wish】
    ※All room types are the same, and if you wish to check out at 12:00, there is an additional charge of 2,2Continue reading
  • For customers arriving by car

    The hotel is also equipped with a parking lot, but there are only about 40 spaces.
    In addition, since it is a narrow parking lot without parContinue reading
  • About transportation to the station

    A limousine will pick you up from Toba Station to our hotel free of charge. (Time required:About 5 minutes)
    If you would like to pick up youContinue reading
  • Dinner · About breakfast place

    At this facility, dinner is served in your room.
    However, if the number of guests exceeds the room capacity, we will reserve a private banquContinue reading
  • About seasonal kaiseki cuisine

    The seasonal cuisine dishes served at the hotel, dinner will change the menu every month.
    You can have your meal at the end of the month.
    Continue reading
  • About the meal of children

    For children's meals, the price is 70% of the adult price. "Children's Kaiseki Cuisine"
    50% of the adult price. "Children's lunch"Both come Continue reading
  • Requests regarding food allergies

    ◆This facility cannot completely eliminate food allergies.Therefore, we do not provide meals for customers with food allergies.Because it isContinue reading
  • About cafe, shop corner business hours

    Our hotel has a cafe and shop corner in the lobby area on the first floor.
    Business hours are from 3:00 pm to 9:30 pm (last order at 9:00 pmContinue reading
  • Regarding the use of guest room refrigerators

    All rooms at the property are equipped with a refrigerator.
    We have soft drinks and beer available.(For a charge)
    The main building guest roContinue reading
  • About the possibility of bringing in eating and drinking

    I am sorry, we can not accept it.
    However, children's baby food is possible.
  • Can I stay with my pet?

    We are very sorry, but the hotel can not be used within the facility with pets.
  • About non-smoking rooms

    There is no smoking room at the hotel.For those who wish, we are deodorizing with a deodorant etc.
    Please specify in the reservation form quContinue reading
  • vending machine

    We have set up vending machines in the public bath area.
    This image is of an ice cream (Haagen-Dazs) vending machine.We also have vending maContinue reading
  • About coffee at breakfast

    The hotel does not have a coffee service at breakfast.
    Several types of drinks and our own blend of green juice.
    Coffee is charged at the loContinue reading
  • About types of cigarettes

    Regarding cigarettes, we sell several types at our shop.
    The nearest convenience store takes about 30 minutes on foot.
    Also, there are no ciContinue reading

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