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An example of the three major tastes (abalone, Japanese Spiny Lobster, Japanese Wagyu Beef with black fur)

"Eating country"Toba, the art of tofu

Seafood to taste in Ise.A full-fledged kaiseki cuisine where you will find a season and you will soak up the taste strangely.
Hot items are hot, while cold things are cold.Cherish the original taste of the material,
We will make you one item per article heartily.Enjoy the blessings and warmth of the season.

【Regarding food allergies】
◆This facility cannot completely eliminate food allergies.Therefore, we will provide meals for guests with food allergies.
We have not.Because it is for your health and safety, we appreciate your kind understanding.
◆Due to the reasons listed below, we cannot serve food to guests with food allergies.
■This facility does not have a cooking space for complete allergen isolation.■There is no dedicated cook for food allergies.
■Unable to verify free contact between allergen ingredients and provided food during delivery.
■We cannot be responsible for verifying all ingredients, including raw materials for processed foods.
●We cannot accommodate vegetarians or customers who cannot eat many ingredients due to their likes and dislikes.
●Please understand that even if you wish to omit ingredients you dislike, we cannot completely remove them, just like with allergies.

Encounter in the season I will steeply taste the taste.

  • Japanese Spiny Lobster

    Autumn is the season for a bountiful catch of Japanese Spiny Lobster.Although most of them can be caught on the Pacific side south of the Kanto region, those in this region are still the most delicious.There is no change in its taste even for Japanese food as well as Western food.

    If you come to Ise Shima, it's definitely Japanese Spiny Lobster! Luxury luxury food Japanese Spiny Lobster.

    ※You can choose recipes from "Sashimi" "Maruyaki" "Combo boiled".
    • Bespoke food, Japanese Spiny Lobster food one animal price(tax included)

      (Large) 500 to 700g Market price (Small) 160 to 200g 9,900 yen
      Period available:
      All year (Prices may vary depending on the season)
  • Abalone

    Toba Ocean has many rocky places and is the optimum environment for abalone growth.Ama summer that is harvested by the hands of the Ama, abalone which can be eaten at this time can enjoy the crispy flavor and luxurious umami that the most delicious and vitality is abundant.

    The meat is soft and easy to eat! For sashimi and butter grilling! The liver is a delicacy and is perfect as an accompaniment to alcohol!

    ※※You can choose recipe from "sashimi" "butter roasted".
    • Bespoke food, Abalone one piece price(tax included)

      Ezo abalone around 100g 4,950 yen Domestic black abalone 200 to 250g 15,400 yen
      Period available:
      All year (Prices may vary depending on the season)
  • Wagyu Beef

    Matsuzaka-beef is recognized as the best beef cattle in Japan by superior qualities and well-kept feeding management, and it has a delicate and beautiful marbling, as well as having a sweet flavor with a fleshy quality soft and marbled fat features It is admired nationwide as a work of art.(Currently we are using Wagyu Beef with black fur.)

    Wagyu Beef with black fur cut into a size easy to eat.High-level food you want to eat at once.
    • Wagyu Beef with black fur dice roll steak(tax included)

      Around 100g 7,700 yen
      Period available:
      All year (Prices may vary depending on the season)
  • Dinner

    There are various dinners such as seasonal cuisine cuisine, which uses ingredients such as Japanese Spiny Lobster and abalone, the chicken chef's monthly menu is changed from kaiseki cuisine.
    • Examples of various dinners

  • Dinner for children

    At this facility, we offer ``Children's Kaiseki Cuisine/Kids Meal,'' which includes menus that children will love, so that small children can enjoy traveling with adults.

    【Children's menu meal】
    one,Sashimi・1,Roast Salad 1,Soba・One,Stewed hamburger steak,Shrimp gratin one,Chawanmushi・1,Kamameshi (Ketchup Rice)・One,Miso soup one,Pickles/1,Seasonal dessert
    Menu may vary depending on the season.

    ※In case of 70% of adults with meals with one meal, it is a child's meal.
    ※If you are 50% of Adults with Half Half Day, this is Kids' Meal.
    • Children's meal(An example)

  • Breakfast

    The beginning of the day is from breakfast.We have prepared a menu that is gentle on the body, making the best use of freshly cooked rice and the umami of the ingredients. .Please enjoy a relaxing and warm Japanese breakfast.

    Brilliant breakfast・ ・We offer 13 kinds of dishes such as handmade tofu using domestic Fukuyutaka soybeans and natural water and grilled natural fish miso.
  • Lunch

  • I encountered the seasons, and I will steeply taste the taste

    Hot items are hot, while cold things are cold, cherish the original cooking heart
    The taste of sticking to one article and one piece of material is exactly "flower of the season".
    Enjoy the warmth of seasonal blessings.

    ※Because there are changes etc. due to the seasons and purchasing circumstances, please understand.

    Kochoran, Chief Chef, Well, Kōji