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  2. Oise san coming.

Oise san coming.

  • Every time I visit this place where sacred air drifts
    It feels like it was cleaned both mentally and physically.
    If you came to Ise, it is a spot you would like to visit.

Toba station Toba station → Arrive at Isuzu River station → Arrive at Ise Jingu Shrine

  • About 12 minutes from Toba station (the nearest station of our hotel) to Isuzu River station by Kinki Nippon Railway

    Get off at Isuzu River station···Ise Jingu Shrine(Inner court)※To so-called Oise san

    Isuzu River station by Mie Transportation bus or taxi in about 10 minutes
    Ise Jingu Shrine arrival···Visit to the "Ise Jingu Shrine" where the Amaterasu Great Palace is enshrined
  • 1, Go through Otorii, cross New Ujihashi...

    Cross the Otorii and cross the "New Ujihashi" one way to "Omiya".
    "Isuzu River" that you can see from Ujihashi.
    A gentle flow will make my heart warm.

    5 minutes on foot
  • 2, Purify yourself in the water shop

    After a short time you can get off at the River Isuzu River river.
    It seems that in the past it was purifying in this "Mitarai wash place".

    5 minutes on foot
  • 3, Honorable Imperial Palace

    If you step up the stone steps that are 30 stages too much, you are the main shrine.
    "Amaterasu Great blessings" is settled.
    Please visit us quietly in "Two worship two applause one worship".

    5 minutes on foot
  • Four, Wild Palace Palace (only at the Ala Festival)

    The Palace that enshrines the descent of the Amaterasu Great Palace.

    5 minutes on foot
  • Five, Wind day and day prison (Kan Hinomiya)

    Kazuhiko Nagatsu who is the god of wind and Mikoto of Shinatsudiko
    Encourage the class leader (Mr. Fridong of Mr. Fridong).

    2 minutes on foot
  • 6, Kagura dictionary(Kaguraden)

    A place to do a sacred music of the musical karakara and offerings of the miso.
    There is also a god prize giving place where you can have amulets, bills, vermilion marks etc.

    2 minutes on foot
  • 7, Attendance(Eight days)

    Break place for worshipers.You can get tea for free.
    Also I'm showing the shrine video
    Stop by (30 minutes rest).
  • In the morning of the 1st, 11th, 21st, "Shinkin horseshoe".

    In the morning of the 1st, 11th, 21st of every month, the horse "God Ma" on which God is riding goes to the temple in the shrine "Shinkin Kensan" will be held.
    The appearance of the Shinto shrine accompanying the priest as a quiet entrance to the early morning walking is quite pure and solemn.
    ◆January February ... 5: 00-17: 30
    ◆3 · 4 · 9 · 10 mo ... 5: 00-18: 00
    ◆May to August ... From 4 to 19
    ◆In December and December we can visit from 5 o'clock to 17 o'clock.